Moncton, New Brunswick

Client Testimonial: Dave Green


I’m always pleased to hear from my clients and to share their unique experiences with those looking to buy a property in Moncton, New Brunswick. Here is a a testimonial from my client Dave Greene.

Dave’s Testimonial

Franklin Springle came into our lives purely by chance. The story he tells is he had traded shifts with another associate and my wife just happened to call while he was covering the phones. A wonderfully fortunate event otherwise who knows what route we could have been taken on!

We had lived in Moncton twice over the past 20 years and with family living in Riverview and the nearness to Vacation Land, AKA the Caribbean, we decided to leave the expensive west and head out east.

I had stayed on Vancouver lsland while my wife flew out to Moncton and Franklin drove her to any and all potential houses. Once the macerations were started we were hit with snags and delays, no immediate place to live and three cats. Franklin covered all of that, solving any issue we had as it came. He went – as the saying goes – well above and beyond anything other than what a good friend would do.

His knowledge and professionalism kept us up to date and we were able to avoid any pitfalls and unexpected delays. Franklin’s knowledge of the area was invaluable as my wife had limited time to view and was able to take us to what we were looking for.

We had done major research on the Moncton area and knew what to expect weather wise and one of our conditions was a 2 car garage which he found along with many other needs we had stipulated.

What we found moving here was the occasional power outages, not often but can be a concern. Medical issues can take time, getting a doctor and that sort of thing. As with any move the usual stuff comes up, but over all a safe, place to live with a small but vibrant downtown and sports scene. Needs more restaurant varieties but still enough to warrant going out.

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